Welcome to Soul Harvest Worship Center!

Our prayer is that you would be blessed and strengthened by the power of Jesus Christ and that you will live a life of abundance in fellowship, joy and liberty.

Soul Harvest Worship Center is here for you. We are a vibrant, non-denominational, bible-based, Spirit-filled, fellowship of believers coming together to fulfill one mandate, and that is to “Host the manifest presence of God!”  We are a church that lives to declare the glory of the Lord, and celebrate Jesus as King. We spend much time in intimacy based worship/intercession, studying the Word, and practice what we learn. In the process we grow together. We would love for you to come be a part of what God is doing at Soul Harvest. You will be warmly welcomed, loved and accepted.

There is no place like Soul Harvest Worship Center. It cannot be explained, only experienced! You will encounter the power and presence of Almighty God, and you will NEVER be the same!

We look forward to meeting you!

May God richly bless you!