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Cleaning Team

The Cleaning Team works to keep Soul Harvest Worship Center’s facilities in top presentable shape.  This enables our church to provide a good impression when hosting the wide variety of activities that we are engaged in week-to-week.

 Working on the Cleaning Team is one of the easiest ways to get more involved with the church.  Helping out requires no specialized skills, takes very little time per week. Joining this team is a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord.  Helping to keepour church clean produces several benefits:

Cleaning the church helps to reinforce personal humility in service to God. 

Along with our greeters, the physical building helps visitors form their first impression of our church, and for many of the unsaved, this may be their first impression of Christianity.  When you help to keep our facility beautiful, you are helping to show others that we are serious about serving the Lord.


Greeter Team

Our greeters will be people with Godly lives, and those that exude the joy of the Lord. They must be faithful and prompt.

They welcome visitors and assist them with seating, and any questions they might have about the facility (i.e, where to drop off children, bathrooms, etc..) Hand out bulletins, assist in parking area.

Greeters need to be in place and ready to go 15 minutes prior to service. Ushers must attend to the order of the foyer, and not allow disruptions during the service (i.e, children running around unattended, loud talking by adults in the foyer area).


Media Team

The purpose of the Media Ministry here at Soul Harvest Worship Center is to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our visually-driven, ever-changing world through the use of technology and media, and to equip other ministries of the church to use digital and electronic media as a worship and outreach tool.

This ministry not only provides the technical support required for our worship services, but also records various events, teachings and sermons, which are made available on DVD, audio disk, and podcast.


Security Team

Our Security Team monitors facilities (e.g. grounds, building, parking lot) for the purpose of providing visibility and a security presence and maintaining building security.


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