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Good Morning My Loves,

One of the surest ways to come to poverty, and also spiritual dullness is to be in constant “snooze” mode. The old saying, “You snooze, you lose” is very true. Solomon said: Proverbs 20:13 (AMP)


Do not love [excessive] sleep, or you will become poor;

Open your eyes [so that you can do your work] and you will be satisfied with bread. Proverbs 20:13 (MSG)


Don’t be too fond of sleep; you’ll end up in the poorhouse. Wake up and get up; then there’ll be food on the table. The fact is that too much sleep dulls the mind. When we get up each morning with a goal of meeting with the Lord, and working toward a goal, a project, a dream, our creative juices and mental faculties are in full gear. When we learn something new, we “wake up” to the realization that we were partially asleep before. This leads us to more wisdom, and a productive life. I believe each of us must challenge ourself to not sleep to much, and to have clear goals on how we are going to spend our time. We must resist frittering our life away sleeping, or doing mindless activities that are not “productive.” The same way there will not be “food on the table” if we don’t wake up, get up, and get to work, there will not be spiritual bread on our table if we don’t plan to give God the first fruits of our day. We’ll miss the “bread of His presence,” and the meat of His word to sustain us both physically and spiritually. If we’ll give God the very “best” of our time, He’ll make sure the rest of our time is “fruitful.” In other words, “He’ll bless the work of our hands, and we will prosper.” (Matt. 6:33) Jesus only had 24 to work every day, and it was His practice to "rise up a great while before day” to allow plenty of time for prayer (Mark 1:35). He studied the Word, trained disciples, ministered to the masses, and fulfilled His Father’s will. We see Jesus taking a nap in a storm, but He was not prone to lay around and do nothing. He is our example. When He returns, He will be looking for those to rule and reign with Him in His government. I’m sure He’ll be appointing leaders that already know how to set goals, use their time wisely, and govern their lives with wisdom. In fact He has promised that if we’ll overcome like He did, we’ll rule with Him on His throne (Rev. 2:26). One of the primary ways we show Him that we’re qualified to do that, is to rule over our own lives well. Let’s not be found in “snooze mode.” Let’s not sleep our lives away. Time is precious, and we must use it wisely. Let’s awake to His plans and purposes, and get up and get to work! And for Christ’s sake, let’s BE ON TIME!

I love you all! PV

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