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Don't Stop Believing in God's Love for You!

Good Morning My Loves,

Last night there was live music at the place where we ate dinner. I wasn’t familiar with the songs as they were Hawaiian songs, but a line in one of them jumped out at me….“Keep on believing, don’t stop believing in my love…” I know this was a song between two people in love, and one lover questioning the other’s love, but I sensed God’s heart in those lyrics.

There are so many people that simply choose to stop believing in God and his love for them, because they become angry and bitter over the things that happen in their journey with Him. The moment a person becomes “offended” with another, they become “blind to their love.” To often people are blinded by unbelief when they go through a night season. Instead of walking through the valley of the “shadow of death-darkness,” they play the blame game with God and begin to doubt His love by saying, “This person hurt-abused me, this person died after I prayed that they would be healed, I have physical, mental, emotional challenges, I didn’t get that job, that car, that spouse, someone I care about (kids, spouse, parents, friends) are not doing what I want them to do, …etc…,” and then they say “IF YOU LOVE ME SO MUCH, THEN WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!”

These scenarios can cause a person to go through a “dark night of the soul.” However, the consequences of offense and unbelief during these difficult times is always more spiritual darkness. It’s a place of torment. A place of NO REST. It causes a person’s heart to become hard and for them to turn against God. They end up losing their way and missing out on true rest, unless they choose to “Keep on believing in God’s love for them!”

The writer of Hebrews described this hardness of heart and the consequences:

Hebrews 3:12-19 (ERV)

12 So, brothers and sisters, be careful that none of you has the evil thoughts that cause so much doubt that you stop following the living God. 13 But encourage each other every day, while you still have something called “today.” HELP EACH OTHER so that none of you will be fooled by sin and become too hard to change. 14 We have the honor of sharing in all that Christ has if we continue until the end to have the sure faith we had in the beginning. 15 That’s why the Spirit said,

“If you hear God’s voice today,

don’t be stubborn as in the past

when you turned against God.”

16 Who were those who heard God’s voice and turned against him? It was all the people Moses led out of Egypt. 17 And who was God angry with for 40 years? He was angry with those who sinned. And their dead bodies were left in the desert. 18 And which people was God talking to when he promised that they would never enter his place of rest? He was talking to those who did not obey him. 19 So we see that they were not allowed to enter and have God’s rest, because they did not believe.

If you're going through a night season, you need the light of God’s love.

-Unbelief keeps the light off.

-Faith keeps the light on.

My beloved, I want to encourage you while it is TODAY! God cares about you, and even though you don’t understand the “why,” you must keep your faith in the “Who” that's seeing you through! Don’t become or stay offended with God. You may be struggling with doubt, but don’t let it erupt in offended unbelief. Ask God to help you to believe. Did you know He can handle that prayer?

Mark 9:24 (ERV)

24 Immediately the father shouted, “I do believe. Help me to believe more!”

Sometimes we need the grace to keep on believing, and He’s right there saying, “Keep on believing, don’t stop believing in My love…”

I want you to know something. God loves you. He never has, and never will stop loving you. You may not understand why you’re going through what you’re going through, but He’s going to bring light to your dark night season. He is going to turn your test into your testimony. He’s going to use you to help someone else through their dark season. Your pain and experience will not be wasted. Hold onto the God who loves you. Keep on believing, don’t stop believing in His love!

I love you all! PV

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