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Bikinis and Speedos Have an Expiration Date, But the Word of God Doesn't Expire!

Good Morning My Loves,

Being at the beach for the past week has been relaxing, but it has also been…..let’s just say “interesting.” I’m a people watcher, and I’ve decided there is an “expiration” age for bikinis and speedos. There is a point where withered flesh just needs to be covered up. Some people are hanging on with dear life to what is withering, instead of what cannot wither! As I was reading in 1 Peter this morning all I could do was chuckle! LOL

1 Peter 1:24-25 (AMP)

24 For,

“All flesh is like grass,

And all its glory like the flower of grass.

The grass withers

And the flower falls off,


But the word of the Lord endures forever.” And this is the word [the good news of salvation] which was preached to you.

The good news is that even though we age and our skin withers, the Word that God has spoken endures forever. Our salvation, authority, favor, inheritance, wholeness, etc…does not expire, because our God doesn’t expire. He is the LIVING WORD! Unlike bikinis and speedos, the Word of God is not something we ever grow too old for. It is imperishable. It never fades. It never withers. It never loses it’s power. It stands forever.

Let’s face it, things change.

Our bodies change.

Our skin changes.

Prices change.

People and their loyalties often change.

Technology and techniques change.

Fashion changes…..I could go on and on….but the Word of God doesn’t change. Let it be the one constant in your life. The anchor for your soul. The rock on which you stand. Let it govern your thoughts and choices. As you wisely choose to put away those things that have “expired,” may you never put down the Word of God. May you hold on for dear life to all His promises, and may you obtain every one of them!

***Wisdom instructed me to refrain from posting a picture on this post for everyone's sake:-)

I love you all! PV

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