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Stragglers Get Attacked, Hurt, and Even Killed! Don't Be a Straggler!

Good Morning My Loves,

Lately I’ve watched several episodes on National Geographic where various animal species that move in “groups-herds” have been attacked by predatory animals. Each time, the predator waits for a “straggler” to wander off, knowing that they are easier prey when they are tired, alone, and separated from the herd. They are always severely injured, and rarely survive.

I thought, “That’s how the devil works. He loves to separate God’s people from other believers. He works overtime to cause what I call “The Demonic “D” Storm!” Division





Disorientation Loss of Direction


Death Because they don’t stay close to their pastor (shepherd) and the flock, they begin lagging behind, and before long they’ve “disappeared.” They no longer come to church. Those who follow them become scattered, and irregular in attendance as well. They’ve become a “straggler.” If they are not where they can be found, surrounded by the herd, and begin moving again with them, they are soon overcome by the enemy. I was reading this very scenario this morning in Deuteronomy 25. Deuteronomy 25:17-19 (AMP)

17 “Remember what Amalek did to you along the road when you came from Egypt, 18 how he met you along the road and attacked all the stragglers at your rear when you were tired and weary; and he did not fear (reverence) God. 19 Therefore when the Lord your God has given you rest from all your surrounding enemies, in the land which the Lord your God gives you as an inheritance to possess, you shall wipe out the memory of Amalek from under heaven; you must not forget.

Let’s not be like those who are picked off by the enemy because we’re slow and walking behind everyone else. Staying close to Jesus Christ, means staying close to His earthly Body, His Church.

Thinking that you can be the church all by your lonesome is deception.

His Church is made up of His corporate Body, and there is safety and protection when you are plugged in and not wandering off by yourself. satan hates the Body of Christ, because He knows the gates of hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL against His Church (Matthew 16:18). So he waits. He lurks. He watches for the stragglers. He loves to find the tired and weary stragglers that he can pick off. He hasn’t changed. He’s still “like” a roaring lion, roaming to and fro, seeking someone to devour! 1 Peter 5:8 (AMP)

8 Be sober [well balanced and self-disciplined], be alert and cautious at all times. That enemy of yours, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion [fiercely hungry], seeking someone to devour.

If you see your brother or sister wandering off, love them enough to go try to find them and bring them back. If you’ve wandered off, GET BACK TO CHURCH! Don’t let the enemy find any of you wandering, scattered, or irregular at attending church. Your spiritual lives depend on it! I love you all! PV

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