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Are You A Brave Communicator?

Good Morning My Loves,

It’s always sad to see relationships destroyed due to lack of proper communication. One of the main ways relationships are destroyed, is when someone has a problem with another person and they don’t go to that person directly and speak openly to them in private. Instead they begin to process their grievances with others, who end up taking on their offense too. This creates even further division, and initiates a firestorm of offense, gossip, and lies. This can be avoided by speaking the truth “openly” and in love. I call this “brave communication.” The word of God says: 10 If you fail to speak the truth, trouble will follow. If you speak openly (bravely..emphasis mine), peace will come. (Proverbs 10:10 ERV) 15 “If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens and pays attention to you, you have won back your brother. (Matthew 18:15 AMP) I realize that not everyone handles correction well, but the goal is to “win our brother back.” As uncomfortable as this is, we must have a “love” mindset and confront them with the end goal in mind. Without going to that individual and speaking the truth in love, they will most likely self destruct, and also lead others down that some path. When that correction is done in love, it has the potential to save not only the person caught in deception, but many others as well. 17 Those who accept correction show others how to live. Those who reject correction lead others the wrong way. (Proverbs 10:17 ERV)

I want to encourage you to be honest with yourself and others. When we lie to ourselves, we usually hide hatred in our hearts and start talking badly about others, instead of going directly to them and dealing with the issues. 18 People sometimes lie to hide their hatred, but saying bad things about someone is even more foolish. (Proverbs 10:18 ERV) There are “rare” times when after you’ve gone to the individual privately, taken two or three more, and even brought it to the corporate body, that they still will not listen to you. In this rare situation, you will have to cut them off. Yes, this is biblical. It’s not the end goal, but occasionally it is necessary. (Matthew 18:16-17) Let’s be those that solve problems instead of contribute to them. Let’s keep our hearts and mouths free of malice and guile. Let’s engage in brave communication, do everything in our power to maintain healthy relationships, and not be someone who leaves a trail of relationship carnage behind us. Because, if we don’t learn to work through the difficulties that come with relationships, and we run to another location without dealing with things, they will surface again, and our lives become stuck on “relationship disaster repeat!” Why? Because wherever you go, THERE YOU ARE! So, let’s be those that engage in brave communication, and are able to receive correction when necessary. In doing so, we show others how to live, instead of leading them the wrong way. I love you all! PV

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