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Alignment Matters!

Good Morning My Loves,

Having the respect of your peers and leadership is very important if you're going to be promoted in life. One of the quickest ways to lose their respect is to start talking trash about them or aligning yourself with trash talking troublemakers. Those that have the ability to promote you will lose “trust" and "respect" for you, and your chances of being promoted are damaged. These can be restored through humility, repentance, and a process of earning their trust back, which takes a change of attitude and behavior that is proven over time. Alignment is a very powerful thing that must be well thought out. When a person cares about their life and future, they will be very intentional about WHO they align their life and words with. It has the potential to either bring them great success or destruction. They'll have a STRATEGY and PLAN for success, which involves THINKING about where they are headed and who they are headed there with! They'll MANAGE their partnerships with great care. Here’s how Solomon admonished his son regarding this subject: Don’t be jealous of evil people. Have no desire to be around them. 2 In their hearts they plan to do evil. All they talk about is making trouble. (Prov. 24:1-2 ERV) Notice, you can spot them by what “they talk” about. These individuals, “laugh at what is right,” and they refuse to do hard things the right way.

8 If you start planning ways to do wrong, people will learn that you are a troublemaker. 9 Such foolish plans are wrong, and people have no respect for someone who laughs at what is right. (Prov. 24:8) Troublemakers carry an attitude of entitlement, and no one in their right mind has respect for them. If you align your life with them, people will lose respect for you as well. That is not something that a wise person does. A wise person can spot this, and has “no desire to be around them.”

When someone starts running their mouth in a dishonoring way against the Lord, or your leadership (those that God has put in authority over you), DO NOT JOIN WITH THEM. Respect the Lord and your leadership, and you will avoid calamity. 21 Son, respect the Lord and the king, and don’t join with those who are against them, 22 because people like that can quickly be destroyed. You have no idea how much trouble God and the king can make for their enemies. (Prov. 24:21 ERV)

Did you catch that? "People like that can quickly be destroyed.” That is not something you want to risk being a part of! It’s important to assess your current relationships, and make adjustments if necessary.

-Who are your current peers and what are they talking about?

-Are they honoring and respectful of those in leadership, or are they dishonoring?

-Do you see respect and reverence for the Lord in their life?

-Are they moving toward Him with passion, or are they regressing and choosing the path of disobedience and rebellion?

Rebellion is “as the sin of witchcraft,” and rebellion opens the door to the devil. Trust me beloved one, that is NOT an open door you want to be walking through! Wise people do not continue to align their life with those who are trash talking rebels. -They respect the Lord and the king.

-They keep their heart and mouth in check.

-They pray for those who are in rebellion, release them to the Lord, and move forward. Be powerful, be wise, and choose to align with those who respect the Lord and their leadership. Your success greatly depends on who you align with. Choose carefully. Alignment matters!

I love you all! PV

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