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A Powerful Tsunami of God's Power is About to be Released, and Your Children are Coming Back!

Good Morning My Loves,

I had a dream a few nights ago in which a woman that had caused me a great deal of trouble in the past, took my grandson Oliver from my arms and began walking away with him. She was dressed like a prostitute. When this woman was a part of my ministry, she was clearly operating under the influence of the Jezebel spirit. Every person she influenced ended up turning against their true spiritual authority as she controlled and manipulated them into following her. I battled the spirit in prayer, and assembled a strong intercessory team who I extensively educated in the realm of spiritual warfare. Through fasting and prayer the woman and her followers eventually left, but not without leaving a trail of destruction and taking multiple families down. We had to learn through awareness, and developing the spiritual muscles in prayer how to overcome her assignments. We have occasionally dealt with the influence of Jezebel since, but not to the degree that we did in the past.

One of Jezebel’s primary tactics is to separate children from their parents (authorities), and exercise control over them. She will self-appoint herself as an authority figure in their lives, hijacking the parent’s god-given authority. She often uses her sexual prowess to do this. She can also manifest through a male, which makes her difficult to discern. However, you can always identify her by the control, manipulation, and abuse of authority that are her primary characteristics. In the dream, I was aware of her past behavior as if I were awake. As she was hurriedly walking away from me, she tried to grab other children from their parents. It was as if she had multiple arms like an octopus. I began to run after her saying to the parents, “Don’t let her near your children. Cover them up! Cover them up! People started covering their children up with blankets, and a sound of prayer erupted! I got in front of her and commanded, “GIVE HIM BACK, AND LEAVE THESE CHILDREN ALONE! GET OUT IN THE NAME OF JESUS!”

It wasn’t a whimpering plea for my grandson, it was a COMMAND! She stopped dead in her tracks, and her arms became life-less and hung at her side. I picked up my grandson, and I heard people screaming “It’s coming…get in the boat….get on board….get on board!” I looked up and a wall of water was coming in our direction. I saw a boat nearby, and got on board with a group of other parents. It was as if a dam had broke. The water had huge rolling waves, and made a loud rumbling sound that shook the earth. The water came in like a flood sweeping the woman away, but not injuring anyone else. I awoke. As I began to pray into this dream the Lord showed me that He’s calling for parents to become their children’s primary prayer warriors, but also to exercise our authority in prayer, and to intercede (COVER) the children of this generation. Many of us have heard the scripture from Isaiah 59:19, which says “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard against him.” However, I heard it in my spirit like this, “When the enemy comes in, (COMMA)…..LIKE A FLOOD THE LORD WILL RAISE UP A STANDARD AGAINST HIM! I believe we are about to see a flood of God’s presence rise up against the powers of darkness that are trying to steal our children and kill their god-given dreams and destinies!

I like the way the NLT translates that verse:

Isaiah 59:18-19 (NLT)


He will repay his enemies for their evil deeds.

His fury will fall on his foes.

He will pay them back even to the ends of the earth.


In the west, people will respect the name of the Lord;

in the east, they will glorify him.

For He will come like a raging flood tide

driven by the breath of the Lord.

It’s time for every prayer warrior to get on board! We cannot be passive. God didn’t call us to plead with the enemy, but to COMMAND HIM TO GIVE BACK WHAT HE HAS STOLEN! TO COMMAND HIM TO LEAVE!

Many of you have already gotten on board, and have been praying for a release of God’s presence and power to destroy the powers of hell that are taking their children captive. God showed me that He’s going to release a tsunami of His power (water) against Jezebel and her cohorts. Some of you lost your children to her, but you are getting them back! There is a rumbling, there is a shaking that is about to take place as God’s people pray. There is a move of God’s Spirit that is about to sweep through this generation and release them into their God given destiny. Be encouraged, and GET ON BOARD!

I love you all! PV

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