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Eliminate Energy Vampires and Get Some Rest. Your Productivity and Creativity Depend On it!

Good Morning My Loves,

Do you pray before you go to sleep? Do you ask God to protect your time of rest and speak into your spirit during the night? I began doing this a few years ago when I was having nightmares and trouble sleeping. I’ve not had any trouble sleeping since, and God often speaks to me through dreams. I’ve found that some of the most “clear” prophetic words have come through my dreams, because I’m not distracted by the days activities. My body is at rest, and my spirit is able to receive without hindrance. It’s comforting to know that the LORD never sleeps nor slumbers. He is always protecting us. He is always praying over us. When we’re sleeping, HE’S STILL SPEAKING! He’s always showing us the next step, and encouraging us. The enemy loves to wear out God’s people. He’s the ultimate “ENERGY VAMPIRE! He often works through people that have no regard for your rest either. They will call or approach you right before bed to dump their garbage on you so that you have no time to properly process through it. If you don’t learn to empty your brain before bed, by giving it over to God, you'll end up taking it to bed with you, and then you won't sleep well. Recognize this, and learn to protect your time and who you give access to at the end of your day.

Identify the energy vampires in your life that don’t really want to change, they just want someone to drain. Don’t give them access to you. Learn to protect your time and rest! Don’t demonize people, pray for them, but don’t allow satan to wear you out!

-He wants to rob you of rest.

-He wants the adversity he brings to cause you to lose sleep and get into worry.

-He wants you to carry the garbage he unloads on you everyday to bed with you, so that you will not sleep through the night.

-He wants your problems to weigh heavy on your mind so that you will not rest, and get up fatigued.

-He knows that worry causes you to lose trust in God, and to stumble. When you’re tired everything is bigger, you have trouble hearing God, and you want to give up. I’ve learned that I MUST give all my concerns over to God before I lay down at night, and let Him deal with them while I sleep soundly. He doesn’t need sound sleep. I do. You do. We all do….and WE MUST! Rest is essential if we are going to finish the race that God has laid out for us. We must give our concerns over to the Lord, and know that our help comes from Him. Here’s one of my favorite verses that expresses this perfectly: Psalm 121:2-4 (AMP)


My help comes from the Lord,

Who made heaven and earth.


He will not allow your foot to slip;

He who keeps you will not slumber.


Behold, He who keeps Israel (_________ put your name here)

Will neither slumber [briefly] nor sleep [soundly].

Let’s not allow the enemy to keep us exhausted and fatigued. Our bodies need rest to heal and eliminate toxins during the night. Our minds need rest for emotional healing, and to be able to have sharp mental processing during the day. Proper rest increases your productivity and creativity! Let’s not sabotage our “God ideas, vision, and destiny,” because we’re too burned out to get started on them and finish. Let’s eliminate energy vampires from our life, give God our anxieties and concerns, and get the rest we need to run this race with stamina! He can handle our enemies, give us problem solving strategies, new dreams and visions, and run the universe, while we get some rest!

I love you all! PV

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