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Don't Let the Pain of Betrayal Cause You to Run Away! Run to God. He's Healing Your Wounds f

Good Morning My Loves, Have you ever dealt with someone who was once walking humbly before the Lord and doing good, and then they got into “pride,” and their hearts and actions became hateful toward God and you? Have you ever been betrayed and burned by those you’ve loved deeply? Have you come to realize that they’re “not sorry” for what they do to others and themselves? Have you felt the pain of their “lack of remorse?” Have you seen that their “heart” is hell bent on doing wrong, they're listening to the lies of the devil, lying to themselves, overlooking their own faults, blaming everyone else for their mess, and have “no reverence” for God? Have you hurt so bad that you felt like the wind is knocked out of you, and you have so many knives in your back that you can’t go on? Have you gone through seasons where you feel like you’ve lost your song, and the darkness is closing in on you? A dryness of soul is creeping in, and you know that if you don’t get to the place of worship you'll die spiritually, and maybe even physically? Jesus did.

David did.

Elijah did.

You have.

I have. Anyone who has ever had to deal with an entitled (prideful and selfish) person has gone through this. Psalm 36 (ERV)

Deep in the hearts of the wicked a voice tells them to do wrong.

They have no respect for God.


They lie to themselves.

They don’t see their own faults,

so they are not sorry for what they do.


Their words are wicked lies.

They have stopped doing anything wise or good. Against the backdrop of this dark and painful scenario, there is a stark contrast, a place, that every person who is faced with the pain of this reality must go. David found it. Jesus found it. I have found it. So must you! -It’s the REALITY of the love, goodness, faithfulness, protection, strength, and DELIGHT that comes from being CLOSE TO GOD.

-It’s the place of worship.

-It’s being IN HIS HOUSE, and drinking from the river of His delight.

-It’s the LIGHT of His presence.

-It’s the place where the negative reality that you’re facing is minimized to the degree that you can recalibrate and find the strength to move forward with joy. David’s song in Psalm 36, is a wonderful meditation for anyone who is dealing with this: 5

Lord, your faithful love reaches to the sky.

Your faithfulness is as high as the clouds.


Your goodness is higher than the highest mountains.

Your fairness is deeper than the deepest ocean.

Lord, you protect people and animals.


Nothing is more precious than your loving kindness.

All people can find protection close to you.


They get strength from all the good things in your house.

You let them drink from your wonderful river. (river of delights)


The fountain of life flows from you.

Your light lets us see light.


Continue to love those who really know you,

and do good to those who are true to you.


Don’t let proud people trap me.

Don’t let the wicked force me to run away. My beloved, stay the course. Stay in God’s presence. Stay close to Him. Receive strength in His house. Get into the Light and you’ll see the Light! This present darkness has no power over the Light of Jesus! C’mon! Bow down. Stay humble. You’re about to be LIFTED UP! Drink from the river of His delight. You’ve got a river of life flowing from Him, into you, and out of you. Water your weary soul with the life giving water of the Holy Spirit through worship. Sing your song of praise, and do it on purpose. I know you don’t feel it. But you can’t wait til’ you feel it. Do it by faith, and BECAUSE HE’S WORTHY! Your feelings will follow. He said, “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.” Let Him out, and let His healing river flow through you and bring healing to everywhere you hurt. Don’t let a few prideful people cause you to give up now! Mentally tough people don't run away when things get hard. They do hard things the right way. They don't allow pain, unforgiveness, bitterness, or fear to control their life! Forgive them. Give the pain to God. Don’t carry a grudge! You can't heal by holding grudges and hating the people who hurt you. That happens by forgiving them. Don't hinder your healing! Let it go! You’re coming out of this season of dryness with your wounds healed, and with new strength and vitality.

I love you all! PV

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