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Command Your Own Soul Today!

Good Morning My Loves,

A few nights ago I found myself singing to my grandson Ollie, “Bless the Lord oh my soul, oh my soul, worship His holy name, sing like never before, oh my soul, I’ll worship Your holy name…..” and the Spirit of the Lord came upon me. He spoke to me and said, “The reason many people stay in ruts of depression, anxiety, fear, and all kinds of other internal struggles, is because they don’t meditate on WHO I AM, command their soul (mind, will, and emotions) to line up with that truth, and then use their weapon of praise. Everyone who steers their own soul to the fact that I take great care over ALL my works, and looks at the magnitude of who I AM, finds rest, strength, and joy.” David understood this tendency to turn inward, and he found that they key to lasting joy was to turn to the person of God and command his own soul to sing:

Psalm 104:1-9 (AMP)

The Lord’s Care over All His Works. (Pay attention to the subtitles:-) Oh how He loves you!)

Bless and affectionately praise the Lord, O my soul! (Sometimes you must command your soul to straighten up, look up, and look at someone other than yourself! Tell your soul, “LOOK AT GOD! BLESS HIM! I’M GOING TO LOOK AT, THINK ABOUT, AND TALK ABOUT SOMEONE OTHER THAN MYSELF TODAY! I’m done magnifying my fears, my problems, my pain, my haters, etc… I’m going to magnify you God!”)

O Lord my God, You are very great;

You are clothed with splendor and majesty,


You are the One who covers Yourself with light as with a garment,

Who stretches out the heavens like a tent curtain,


Who lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters above the firmament,

Who makes the clouds His chariot,

Who walks on the wings of the wind,


Who makes winds His messengers,

Flames of fire His ministers.


He established the earth on its foundations,

So that it will not be moved forever and ever.


You covered it with the deep as with a garment;

The waters were standing above the mountains.


At Your rebuke they fled;

At the sound of Your thunder they hurried away.


The mountains rose, the valleys sank down

To the place which You established for them.


You set a boundary for the waters that they may not cross over,

So that they will not return to cover the earth.

Let me assure you, the God who tells the oceans how far they can go, who set the earth on it’s foundations so that it will not be moved, who makes His ministers flames of fire, can certainly provide for and protect you! -Self-focus and God-focus cannot co-exist.

-Self-exaltation and exaltation of God cannot co-exist. The enemy wants us to become so self-focused and absorbed with the pain that his assaults have brought into our lives that we stay stuck and silently mull over all the garbage that’s been done to us, or that’s bothering us. This only leads to more self-centeredness. When we choose to shift our focus from our problems to the greatness of God, we receive a new mindset, new strength, and breakthrough comes. As this day unfolds, continue to lift your eyes to Lord where your help comes from, and command your own soul to bless Him! It will not only bring Him glory, it will do wonders for you!

I love you all! PV

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